Ski/Board Services

Ski/Board Services

Snow (3)A Ski/Board Full tune begins with an evaluation of the base.  Identify any and all scratches, no matter how big or small.    During the evaluation, if the base has been damaged to its core; core work maybe required in order to extend the life of the Ski/Board (Additional fee not be included).  Then, we grind the base until it becomes smooth, again, fill in any remaining gaps with P-Tex (excess P-Tex may require additional fee).  Again, regrind the base until smooth.  Then, sharpen the edges which will remove all accumulated rusts and burrs.  Finally, apply hot wax and smooth out the base evenly by hand.   

A Base Grind is preferred by most recreational skier or boarders.  Why, you ask? Typically, we see skier or boarders wear the edge the quickest, which causes a convex base shape.  If you accidentally ran over something during one of your many runs,  it might of cause damage to the concave base.  So, a base grind is a process that smooths or flattened the base as much as poSnow (2)ssible to create an even surface.  Once its been flattened, we inspect the base to ensure there is structure.  If the structure does not exist, we recommend for a stone grind!  Next steps are the edges.  First, bevel the base, and then the side edge of the length of skis/board.   Finally, we wax the entire skis or board using the hot wax method and scrape the excess for a perfectly smooth base for you enjoy the new season.

Snow (3)The Basic Tune is an essential tool to make your ski or snowboard equipment last as long as possible. To begin the process, we start by sharpening the edges of your equipment to keep you quick on carving and keep your edges in good shape. Then we apply a hot hand wax to keep your skis moving fast on the snow and keep your base from looking and feeling dry.

Snow (10)As a skier or boarder, this Hot Hand Wax is going to be your best friend. When skis or boards are not properly waxed or waxed regularly, they start looking dry. Not only do they look bad, but you will notice a huge performance difference as well. When you bring in your skis or board, we will apply a hot wax by hand to keep you looking faster on the slopes. Your skis and board will need hot wax about every 3 times you hit the slopes. Of course this depends on weather conditions and personal preference. We also have different waxes for different temperatures outside. This will give you better performance geared towards the weather you are anticipating.

Store Backroom2The one day machine wax is a quick and easy way to get you on the slopes as soon as possible. We run the base of your skis or board over a waxing machine to apply an even coat of wax. Ideal if you are on a budget and want to protect your skis or board, but only lasts for one day.

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